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Tattoo design help request.

Hi there.

Really in need of help, so if anyone is willing to graciously take on the challenge of coming up with a design for me, it would be greatly appreciated.

There's a tattoo that I want to get that is rather quite important to me, and I'd like to get it fairly soon.

It's going to be a wee bit complicated and detailed, but I really need someone to come up with a design for me, if I give the details of what I want.

Any help or suggestions?


If you're familiar with the Catholic sacred heart image, that's what I want to base this on. Normally, they look like less realistic hearts, more the symbolic heart, but I'd like one that is a bit more realistic in terms of shape, the actual biological heart. Instead of the usual rays of light coming out of it, I'd like to have flames instead, and instead of the usual crown of thorns set around the heart, I'd like to have a few small cracks in the heart.

I'd like this to be brightly colored, with the heart in bright red and the flowers in blue, but I am open to additional coloring suggestions, and done with a thick black outline, with a lot of shading and depth. Often, sacred hearts are accompanied with some sort of flowers around the bottom to fill it out and balance out the top a bit, so if the aesthetic moves you to add those in (or something similar), by all means, do.

I am very fair-skinned, so pretty much any color will represent well on my skin, to the best of my understanding.

I want it to include a banner that says "Pain is Temporary" in Latin. ("Dolor Fugit". actually, which means "Pain is Fleeting".)

I planned on getting this on my left calf, so there is some room to work with. I'd rather it didn't take up my whole calf, but I understand that it may have to be somewhat on the large side to include all the detail.

Thanks in advance.
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