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hey guys :) name's rich from all the way in the philippines.

alright. so i've made up my mind to go ahead and have my first tattoo done on june 3rd (it's Tattoo Day! no lie!) and i've been obssessing about the design, which is my own. yay! haha placement's gonna be on my back, across my shoulderblades.

anyway. i'm in a rut. i don't know if it's too big/ busy. so what i'm basically asking for is constructive criticism. and suggestions. especially on colors and shading. because i don't know what else to doooo with this babyyyy D:

99% of the whole paper

closer (my phone is macro-incapable :\ )

MCMLXXXVIII is 1988, the year i was born.
text in the circle's "too fast to live, too young to die"
i plan to put "audaces fortuna iuvat" ("fortune favors the brave") in the empty space of the circle thing.
i know it's so totally art nouveau. i'm a girlie and i like swirlies :D

yeah it mostly still is in pencil because it isn't finalized. i started penning the main things, though.

so there. really need help! D:

much love and many thanks and sweet nothings,
rich :)

p.s. i'm so exciteddddd!!! excited-scared, really. hahaha all i'm really worrying is about the design (my visionnnn!) not transferring well. D:

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